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How we will help with your next IT project

Fresh Design or Redevelopment

New (greenfield) development or restructuring of legacy (brownfield) apps. A thorough review process, patient planning, constant leadership and solid implementation achieve your business goals.

Modern, Open Tooling

We use a modern build process and open source tooling. The product, documentation, and the process pieces all belong to you. No vendor lockin. We do our best to deliver reliability and longevity.

Flexible Architecture

The devices you support and the infrastructure you choose. We'll deliver on-premise functionality or full cloud deployment. Scale and security are foremost in our minds. Reliable technologies and services are the key.

Solid Finish, Tight Package

Performance matters and we monitor it all the way. QA testing and Benchmarks underpin the build process. Instrumenting for telemetry and analytics help us to keep applications healthy and robust.

How We Do IT

We use quality tools, practice thoughtful assembly, and hire creative people

Following the Guidelines
compass and map

At Dataframes, we enjoy the pace of change. Innovation happens, generally for the best. Consistent, robust results with a long shelf life are what we're after. We like to align with industry best practices and deliver on that foundation.

Translation: momentum has shifted to produce for the cloud, and the client is the browser. Today's website is tomorrow's mobile app. We use technologies that fit hand-in-glove with this framework, protecting you from premature obsolescence.

Further translation: The Tools tab provides detail, but the big picture is simpler to explain. The project artifacts we turn over to your company must be maintainable, and not just by us. Following industry standards, using tooling that is widely accessible and popular, we deliver quality results.

But this is still a conversation. We believe in learning and sharing knowledge with clients. Decision matrices are helpful to make the process transparent. Display Decision Matrix


The lingua franca of the web, and of hybrid apps for mobile. The creative space we function in, and build with.


The basis of good tooling and server-side javascript. Ubiquitous and powerful in the open-source space.


...and the old becomes new again. Microsoft readies a bevy of technologies that are open.

Handling Layers

Code can be complicated, but so can graphics, or data driven content. We manage it all with open-source tools.

Well Documented

Today's shiny new toy is tomorrow's discarded junk. Our docs help to ensure maintenance and support.


Bring your project to life. We can help you select reliable and secure hosting, or run on-premise.

Think Upside Down
vital use of time

Our clock is your money. The bars below represent an ideal use of time. We'll push you to stay involved and be part of the success. The bigger the bar, the more influence you have.

Achievable results begin with assessment, analysis, planning. In the middle tools are harnessed, minds are working, positioning the pieces. Then, the finale, carefully orchestrated, smooth implementation, happy customers.

30% Complete
50% Complete
70% Complete
90% Complete

Listen To Our Clients

When they are proud of the work, we are satisfied

Select Your Level

Time, resources, priority; select a level that fits your needs

Initial Meeting

$60.00 /hour
  • First time consultation
  • We learn about your business
  • Find out if our capabilities match
  • Make a plan for going forward
  • Agree on the first delivery

Above and Beyond

$150.00 /hour
  • Extremely rapid project delivery
  • Initiative is 50% or more on us
  • Urgent response to business critical problem
  • 24/7 unscheduled, unpredictable tasks
  • Requires high confidence of success

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Meet Some Real Characters

Fantastical apparitions out of storybooks charging to your rescue


Wearing many hats, Bill is a practicing IT generalist with 20+ years of experience.

Ian Martin

Ian Martin, the impresario of script, editor extraordinaire, and backup to the hatter.

Art Director

The talented and elegant Jeanette makes sure we keep our Helvetica in order.

Creative Team

The youthful Gavin designs fresh new looks, driven by client inspiration & his perspiration.

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